Our Team

Kevin & Lori Weaver


What started as an opportunity to grow their own local business has become something greater than Kevin and Lori could have ever imagined. The two set out on this new journey over the summer of 2020. They went straight to work filling the first location in Belden Village Mall with the best, premier Ohio artisans. Adding the new artisans to the talented existing ones turned out to be the perfect blend.”

“The talent behind the handmade product is my true passion. I love being able to offer unique, one-of-a-kind, quality products to our customers. When you shop at any of our locations, you are supporting someone's dream and you may just be giving them that extra boost of confidence to take their small business to the next level. Empowering our artisans to follow their dreams and do what they love provides me with enormous gratification. 

At Blended, I have the privilege to connect with hundreds of small business owners. It is such a sweet experience! Being an artisan, myself, is what brought us to this business venture. With my husband's experience in business management and our love for small businesses, we put our talents together and leapt into the unknown. Kevin is still at his full-time position as the operations manager at River City Solutions, but in true "Kevin" fashion he never seems to run out of battery. Blended could not and would not be what it is today without our team approach. Being able to work next to my husband is truly a blessing and I am so grateful."
The Weavers have been together for 22 years and married for 16. They have one daughter, Savannah and a cute little Havanese called Harley. The rolling hills of the beautiful Amish Country is where they reside, in Northeast Ohio. Weavers love unique eateries, trips to the Smoky Mountains, and say they are happiest when they are all together.
"I am thankful for God's grace and unfailing love for me and strive to be more like Him every day. My favorite quote ‘Comparison is the thief of all Joy,’ is a daily reminder to be thankful for OUR story and uplift others in their success. In the end, you reap what you sow, and I am truly honored to have met each and every one of our Artisans and am blessed to call them our friends.
If you happen to catch me at one of our locations, please introduce yourself, I would love to meet you! Kevin and I are honored to share each and every one of our Blended family of artisans with you."


-Quotes from Lori Weaver, Owner

Melissa Riffle 

Director of HR




Charity Viscounte

Marketing Coordinator

 After working in retail for most of her life, Charity decided it was time to take a leap of faith into her own dream. May 2020 she quit her full-time job to pursue the "side-hustle" she had been building. When she joined the Blended team in September 2020, she started by working in the storefront and shortly after took on more responsibility by heading up the social media and marketing needs of the store. 


"I wanted to do something that mattered and would allow me to be more available to my babe, Eisley. At the time, she was 3 years old and I knew I wanted to be with her more. So amidst the pandemic, I did what any other entrepreneurial-minded person would do and I made my small business the only option. While the world was experiencing a whole new perspective on the phrase, "you're not guaranteed tomorrow," I took it to heart and started building my empire."


Charity teamed up with Kevin and Lori to help Blended become more widely known and to spread the message to help local, small businesses that may have otherwise suffered as a result of the times. Her own small business, Bows By E. can now be found in all three existing brick-and-mortar locations of Blended. 


"My brand was inspired by my little girl, Eisley. I've always loved to accessorize and adding bows into her wardrobe was inevitable. One of the coolest parts of having this business is the connection I get to make with others. Working with the team at Blended has only increased that footprint I am trying to make. I love that I get to help other small businesses, like myself, succeed in the process!"


"A quote that inspired me to run after this lifestyle is, 'We spend too much time getting ready, to get ready.' I heard this in an episode of the SHE podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley. When I heard it in 2019, it said more to me than anyone ever could have. I am so thankful I listened and leapt when I did. It has been worth every second!"



Brianna Wallace

Inventory Coordinator


When the second Blended location, in the Hartville Marketplace, was added, Brianna Wallace came with it. She was very familiar with the new location because her mother was the previous occupant of the space. Brianna launched her own small business, an online boutique called Hymn + Thread in 2020. 

Since Bri also has a long history in retail, she fit perfectly into the Blended team. Her strengths in organization and operations led her to fill the role she plays now.

You can find Bri’s small business represented in the Toledo location at Franklin Park Mall. Her brand is a curated mixture of “boho-tomboy” and “simple fashion.”

Bri’s motivating force has always been faith-based and she welcomes conversations about it. Hymn + Thread was created after the dictionary definition of “hymn” hit so close to home.


“Confidence does not start with clothes and accessories. It starts with loving yourself in every single way. You are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are enough.”

-Brianna Wallace