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"Blended, the business that thrives on
supporting small businesses! 

Blended offers unique and one-of-a-kind, local products from premier artisans in the surrounding area. Lori and Kevin Weaver took this venture on in the summer of 2020 when they started filling up their first store in Belden Village Mall. Lori, being an artisan herself, is very passionate about the selections made for the store and partnering with other talented and gifted artisans. Lori says, "when you shop at any of our locations, you are supporting someone’s dream and you may just be giving them that extra boost of confidence to take their small business to the next level. Empowering our artisans to follow their dreams and do what they love provides me with enormous gratification." 

Lori and Kevin, Blended's business manager, have "blended" their specific skillsets into a hugely successful business that is now thriving in 4 locations. They are even more excited about the local impact that they feel they are making in giving an opportunity to their artisans gaining so many more website sales and experiencing growth in their own businesses due to the exposure being in one (or all) of their stores has given them.

Lori and Kevin are happiest when they can sit back and see the growth of the company they have created. Hard work is what it takes to grow anything. "When blood, sweat, and tears are ingrained into a growing business, success is so much sweeter." Another happiness for them is seeing the small businesses gain the recognition they deserve by being noticed in one of their stores."